Building Maintenance Units


Ensuring access to facades and other parts of buildings is one of the basic tasks that architects and builders face. Required access can be provided safely with building maintenance units (BMU).

More and more buildings are now equipped with building maintenance equipment (access system) that is permanently installed. This type of permanently installed building maintenance units provides the highest possible safety environment for cleaning operators, maintenance and repair workers.

SOLVER offers you highly safe and sophisticated products made by NorAcon AS of Norway - monorail systems, trolleys, traversing ladders, platforms and roof trolleys, supplemented with suspended platforms produced by Power Climber of Belgium.

In 2005, we extended our offer with roof cars made by the Dutch company Roof Elevators B.V.

SOLVER ensures installation, maintenance and certification procedures in the consortium with Roof Elevators B.V. and in cooperation with companies TTS Kocks Ostrava, Rektimont and TÜV CZ.

All building maintenance equipment may be adapted to suit the shape and conditions of the particular building.

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